Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Logo Design

Logo Designs for bands are either annoying or loads of fun. To be totally honest this was both! When you are confronted with a band name like Chains of Hate, who are an old fashioned NYHC band, it's hard not to just churn out some stereotypical college style font and call it a day! But I was the best man at the guitarists wedding, so I couldn't just knock it out!!!!

First attempt was based around an industrial idea, you know chains = industrial...


I wasn't at all sure whether this was any good or if I hated it! So back to the drawing board...

I started thinking about how hip hop style and NYHC have gone had in hand, so there had to be some easy way of getting the two together in a way I liked.


and the end result was a very hardcore looking logo, textually and visually, but I used a very hip hop colour palette, the main gold colour was sample directly from a pair of Missy Elliot signature Adidas! You can't get more bling bling than that!

We out!
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