Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Logo Design

This is from the end of 2005, I was working for a club in Cardiff, one of the owners got his hands on a club in Bristol, knowing full well I did "that design stuff" he asked me to come up with a logo and any ideas about how to apply it.



Once again, I'm not going to hide where my ideas came from, the boss asked me for something big and bold, and I was watching scrubs the night before I did the logo! No surprises that the logo has similarities with the scrubs logo!!!

I was really happy when they listened to my suggestion of spray painting the logo onto the shutters outside the club.



The club under that name doesn't exist anymore, I haven't really been back to Bristol since, so I have no idea if it's still there or not. Would be nice if it was though, my design work literally 10m away from a genuine banksy!

Much Love

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