Sunday, 25 July 2010

A poster idea that became a shirt...

I started out designing a poster kinda for fun, maybe to get used, I hadn't decided when I started doing it, but as I started to develop it I decided to use part of a bands album artwork, that I had recently finished and then by proxy, sub it to them. Thinking that is!

I won't show you stages, I will just skip to the final poster design...


As you can see this was designed, again, based on a 2 colour screen printing process, and as you can see there was potential to evolve this into a shirt, so I did.


I like it, they like it, I look forward to seeing it in the cotton!

Someday soon I will post the album artwork, it is in pieces in about 4 different file types, so please work with me people!

Mythbusters is on...

Larger Versions
Peachfuzz's Myspace

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Re-design round 2!

This one was fun. End of. I saw this poster everywhere...


and I was reminded of a show on Channel 4, featuring some famous agent bloke, that was about rebuilding careers and such, In one episode he was faced with a circus and they had posters like this and insisted on bringing their design into the 21st century. When I saw this, I thought to myself that needs funking up.

I wrestled with what to do with this and decided on this.


Monster trucks are one of the last bastions of rock n roll! So why not go wild a produce a rock style poster for it! I wonder who the original poster would appeal to, I would like to meet them and ask them whether they prefer mine or the original...

For any nerds out there, this poster would be a 2 colour screen print on brown stock.


Larger Version

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Beach Break Live 2010

Not so long ago I was invited to go to Beach Break Live as a photographer by the marketing department of Visit Wales. Now I don't mean to sound overly grateful, but I will say I got to go to a music festival, that was right on a beach, that was full of ready to party, partially naked 20ish students...sometimes life is very hard.

Not many of the 400ish pictures ended up on the blog for Visit Wales, but they are supposed to have a flickr and facebook, so there could well be more on there...

It was an interesting job as I we (me and the writer) decided we didn't want to try and present it in a "Hey, Beach Break Live is the best thing to happen in Wales ever!" way, but more just to document our time at the festival. So I give you my pics...

This little gem isn't on the blog post, but I filmed it and feel the need to share it!

Visit Wales Blog
Beach Break Live
MC Xander


I recently had an interview, and for the interview I was asked to design a symbol for a fire hazard. I haven't thought about symbols and signs in a while, but it was nice to find a positive use for part of the focus of my masters dissertation!

This is one of those random little things that I did, that I wanted to share as I enjoyed making it, even if I didn't get the job.

I chose to do it in orange for a few reasons. Red is generally a warning colour and black stands out the most on yellow. The problem is yellow has become a standard for information signs so the hybrid of red and yellow is...

Trying it on grey, as I wanted to see what it looked like.

And finally just black and white.

From a technical standpoint, using the halftoning on the flame instead of a gradient, who make this a easier/cheaper to print or lower memory usage if it was online.


Larger Version