Thursday, 15 July 2010

Beach Break Live 2010

Not so long ago I was invited to go to Beach Break Live as a photographer by the marketing department of Visit Wales. Now I don't mean to sound overly grateful, but I will say I got to go to a music festival, that was right on a beach, that was full of ready to party, partially naked 20ish students...sometimes life is very hard.

Not many of the 400ish pictures ended up on the blog for Visit Wales, but they are supposed to have a flickr and facebook, so there could well be more on there...

It was an interesting job as I we (me and the writer) decided we didn't want to try and present it in a "Hey, Beach Break Live is the best thing to happen in Wales ever!" way, but more just to document our time at the festival. So I give you my pics...

This little gem isn't on the blog post, but I filmed it and feel the need to share it!

Visit Wales Blog
Beach Break Live
MC Xander

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