Sunday, 25 July 2010

A poster idea that became a shirt...

I started out designing a poster kinda for fun, maybe to get used, I hadn't decided when I started doing it, but as I started to develop it I decided to use part of a bands album artwork, that I had recently finished and then by proxy, sub it to them. Thinking that is!

I won't show you stages, I will just skip to the final poster design...


As you can see this was designed, again, based on a 2 colour screen printing process, and as you can see there was potential to evolve this into a shirt, so I did.


I like it, they like it, I look forward to seeing it in the cotton!

Someday soon I will post the album artwork, it is in pieces in about 4 different file types, so please work with me people!

Mythbusters is on...

Larger Versions
Peachfuzz's Myspace

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