Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Another redesign...

Number one; as you know (well if you've been following my recent work) I've been redesigning things that I see that I don't like. This is the first example I have done for a friend. I saw this on facebook...


and considering there is an old client and a dear friend involved in this show, I had to do something about it!

I have a strange obsession for awful stock photos, the kind of thing you have no idea why it is on a site, or why some people will pay for it? Regardless I saw a picture of a milk carton, and it has been in the folders on my computer for ages waiting for an opportunity to come to life! Here it seemed was my chance.


I was struggling with it a little, as I had the text on and the layout/texture all sorted, but it looked like it was lacking something. So for fun, I stuck some lightening bolts on it! AND I love it!

Take Care!

Larger Version
Juliet Echo

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