Friday, 20 August 2010

Redesigning one of my favourite films...

I have seen loads of redesigns of movie posters recently (google Ollie Moss or Matt Needle for some excellent examples), and I thought I would throw my hands into the mix.

Most the redesigned poster I have seen have either been horror movies or current films. No jokes aside, I am a massive nerd, a serious nerd (Star Wars tattoos are a badge of pride) so I thought I would tackle a more nerdy subject matter. So I thought about some movies that I like and I narrowed it to 2.

I thought I'd pass on Star Wars, as there are way to many Star Wars variations in the world, so I picked on one of my other favourite movies...


Planet of the Apes baby! I even stuck to the original cast, none of that Tim Burton rubbish around here! No, the Time Burton version was ok, but still I wanted to stick to the classic version.

I hope you like it.

Larger Version

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