Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Redesigning again...

So far my redesigning has been fairly limited to...let's say rock and roll design work, for the sake of giving it a label. So this time I decided the thing to do was try something different.

Now for the reasons of a bit of privacy, I am not going to name the place in question, as then google might find me (ha!). So here we go, would you take a contemporary curry house in Cardiff city centre in an amazing location and then use comic sans in the branding?

If you thought yes I am going to hunt you down.

Don't believe me?





See! Does that make any sense? Well it must have to someone...just not me.

So I decided to redesign their logo! WITHOUT COMIC SANS!!!

This was the first version I did:


I thought about it, I like the way it is presented, this is how I would like to see it. But they have used browns and neutral colours inside, so I thought about it in terms of a practical redesign and I used a similar colour to that used inside.


Well thats another one for the pile of redesigns. Lets see if they ever find out about this...

Fingers crossed

Larger Version

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