Monday, 7 July 2008

Flyers and Newspaper advert

Here is a full campaign that I did for a Club in Cardiff that I used to work for. It was done for freshers week, it included a flyer, a full page advert in the metro and then an advert that ran weekly for several months.

First off the flyer. I was given a basic layout, a logo and several constraints by someone and the images I had to work with, which was weird as I had never really worked this way before, so the work in this was making the layout a bit more interesting and clear.



As much as I was happy with what I did I would have loved a lot more freedom to work with!

The flyers were given out on the August bank holiday, and the full page advert ran in the Metro at the same time.


After I did a few more designs for the club (which I will post in due time), I was given a bit more freedom to be creative in the weekly advert.


Go to the larger versions link as at this size it looses it's drama! I do love this! Although I learnt a lesson about colour printing in newspaper as it came out a bit redder in the paper, more than the pink it was supposed to be.

A big proud learning curve, my work published nationally!

Much Love

Larger Versions

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