Wednesday, 2 July 2008


This space isn't about me and the fact that I'm in a band, it's about me as a Designer, so let's just get on with this.

I'm in a band called the Slowdance, from time to time I have done a poster/flyer for us, this is one of those times.

I did this summer 2007, I was just discovering texture's...


The reason for the chaos in the corner, I'm was thinking about things that seem to go into a modern band, it's not just about the music anymore!

I had to make a poster version aswell, which was a challenge to change the aspect and keep the vibe the same without it looking daft! I think I did well, I used the extra space for detail, now that's a bright idea!!!


As I have previously mentioned, reproduction across levels of printing is important to me, so here are the black and white's as well!



I'm going to get me some food!
Defy Designs

Link Hawk(you know from "Over The Top")
Larger Versions
The Slowdance

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