Friday, 15 July 2011

Myspace is dead...

and it has been for a long time. Yet somehow no site has really managed to fill the void it left, there are a few that are coming close, but not quite managing to do the whole nine yards. So when I got into a conversation about what the solution to the lacking of a myspace was, I got my thinking cap on.

After some thinking I found the answer, cross platform integration. Bands in this day and age have several online presences, twitter, facebook, blogs, bandcamp, reverbnation.....the list is endless! So the plan was to make a site that had next to no content stored on servers and was auto updated via some/all of these external sources!

As always I ended up doing something for Mike Borgia. He likes my screwy ideas.


So what you see there is a one page site that incorporates (from top to bottom) video from youtube, mailing list from reverbnation, photos from flickr, music from bandcamp, shows listings from reverbnation, blog rss feed via blogger and a javascript twitter feed!

It's a lot of elements but it does come together nicely.

I also made them a nifty little logo as an added extra to go with the site!


I'm still proud of how well this all came together.

Larger Versions
See it in action

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