Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Whilst I was away I did a few random little things outside of work to help keep my brain in its usual state and one afternoon on twitter I saw the words space exhibition floating around. No idea what it was about, so I clicked around and discovered a competition to create a poster based on the word "SPACE".

I went away and came back to this a day or so later, whilst I was clearing out some of the fonts on my computer, I had over a thousand, I remember thinking to myself, "I doubt I have used even half of these fonts! All they do is take up space..." flash of inspiration... "how can I use all these fonts in some way connected to the word space? Wait a minute, I could make something using all the fonts and negative space!"

So that is what I did! I chose a few of the most used fonts on my computer and put a letter in each space (sorry for the pun-ish nature of this), added a star for the last square (you know, stars, outer space) and then proceeded to build a negative space letter.


2 things:

1. I promise I haven't used the same font twice inside one square.

2. If you are thinking, "That must have taken hours!" yes it did! The star alone took nearly two!

But I do love it! I keep thinking I should get one printed for my wall! Quick thanks to Neil Asher from Black Sheep for giving me the kick up the arse to do this.

I think its time I went to bed...

Larger Versions
Space Exhibition

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