Monday, 8 December 2008

Real Corporate Work!

Well it's true, I have recently been taken on by on by as general mac monkey, it's only part time, but I am learning more and hopefully I will get better learning at this guys feet, as he is seriously clued up!

But yeah I spent an afternoon doing some seriously functional design work, ready...rebranding internal PDF's!! Hell yes!

But you know what it was strangely satisfying. There was plenty to think about, positioning the new logo's in the right place, with the correct spacing (I had a 24 page logo use document that I had to read!), making sure that everything that needed to be changed got changed...basically what I'm getting at is, this should have been boring as hell, but I actually enjoyed it! I am actually rather happy that one of the documents had to be completely redesigned and I did it, it looks great in amongst the rest of them, so I did it right!

Yes I am in my heart a wannabe punk rock graphic designer, but even I am honest enough to admit that my split personality took over and the challenge of making corporate stationary look the best it could was actually enjoyable. So please dear friends do not scoff at doing something because it is not as "cool", as it might be more of a challenge than you thought!



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