Monday, 8 December 2008


Well a friend of mine asked me for some help as he wanted to step up a site like "The Daily Mash", it's news parody site, rather funny, worth a click, don't worry link'll follow (dear god that is some terrible spelling/grammar), we had a chat and he had set up a blogspot to start getting his writing out there, and rather than suggest to him that I build him a furiously complicated website, at a great expense, I said the best thing to do at this stage is probably just jazz up the blogspot and make it look more newspapery (again with the made up words!).

Yes your read that correctly, rather than talk a client/friend into paying lots of money for something, I suggested he not spend a small fortune for now and just get something going and then my job was just to jazz up a blogspot! So i gave him what he needed, rather than what was the best for my wallet! You see, I am nice really!

But it's called the "Western Male", now if you are from (South) Wales, you will have most likely seen the "Western Mail" at some point in your life, but if you are not, then it is rather likely that the reference would fly right over your head, so in my infinite wisdom, as this is a parody site, I decide to rip off the better know "Daily Mail" (and because there is a newspaper that needs some abuse)!

So here we go and website/blog that looks kinda like a newspaper....





Right bed time...

The Western Male
The Daily Mash

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