Friday, 8 August 2008

Web Banners

I made these web banners, what feels like absolutley ages, and in fact it probably was!

This was my first attempt at combining a bit of casual logo design with some web banner animation...


Clear version


Version for myspace with a thanks on it.

I am not at all sure looking at it now whether I still like it or kinda hate it? It feels a little dated, but it was my first attempt at something like this! You need to start somewhere don't you. I think maybe the timing is a little off, I think that is what's bothering me.

My second attempt at this sorta thing was for my band, this wasn't so much an attempt at animation, but more a video effect through gif's, I think this worked rather well. Credit for the photos goes to Mei Lewis at mission photographic, boy got skills.


I did this in full colour first, then saw the file size and had an absolute heart attack! It is over 400k! Which is ridiculous unless you are on a super highspeed broadband, so I had to either make it look complete like complete arse or change it.


This is where the Black & White idea came in, that would reduce the file size loads to around 150k, which should load up quicker across most speed internet connections.

I like this as it is rather effective and looks vaugely like a video, but is just photos.

There is no need for band links, both bands have split up!

Peace out

Mission Photographic

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