Sunday, 10 August 2008

Corporate ID Time again!

This was a recent brief for a new design agency, dot designs (designers of tomorrow), the was/is to recruit students in to work on professional briefs. Sound a little crazy? Well then you are a bit stupid, not completely stupid just a bit! Because lets face facts these kids will go on to be the designers of tomorrow!!!

I was a student once (still am Post Grad doesn't make me a real student) and I've gone on to do alright for myself, but I would have killed for some real life experience that you just don't get at uni! Anyone who has work in design knows the time difference between a uni project and a real life brief! I have to start a project tomorrow that I have 3 day to complete, ready for print on thursday! In uni it would have been 6 weeks! DEAR GOD I WOULD LOVE THOSE TIME FRAMES BACK!!!!

But I don't I'm a grown up now! I've digressed a little...

DOT designs, wicked idea, I'm not sure what state it's in at the moment, I think she had to put the idea on hold for a while till personal things sorted themselves out, but I hope it comes together because its a wicked idea!

This is a logo I do love, because there is something in there for the print design nerds, the idea was to make it seem like a thought bubble from a comic, but as it's a design agency I used CKMY as the colours, see that was subtle and it looks good too!


Love to you all

Larger Version

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