Friday, 8 August 2008

Drawing, drawing...

This one came about a year or so ago, when I was DJing in one club, I wasn't supposed to be working anywhere else, so me and a friend came up with this elaborate ruse to create an alter ego for me so I didn't get into trouble!

I had recently bought a mexican wrestling mask and the name just rolled off the tongue "The Lucha DJ".

So I made a little drawing to help create the illusion of the alter ego, we were going to do a whole series of photos etc etc, but the guy who put the night on told me to stop being ridiculous and just turn up and play or he might not let me! So I swallowed my pride and played!

Regardless I was left with this fun drawing!


It does make me smile, maybe one day i'll DJ under the mask...

Love to you all

Larger Version

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