Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Needs a home!

I started working on this after watching a show on BBC1 called 'Invisible', the show was about filming things in super slow motion and actually seeing things that our rubbish human eyes couldn't see! There was an awesome part about shockwaves, hang on....

Right I'm back, found a trailer on youtube!


Well there was a part in this show about how certain animals fly, birds, bees, basically anything that seems to float. It was awesome also, but it got me thinking, I went away and made this...


Link to the larger version would probably help, it's at the end of the post, don't worry.

On point, I am posting this as "for sale" as it doesn't have a home yet, and I guess it needs one! At the moment it would fit lovely on a card sleeve, but I can work this up for a dual case if needs be.

Right, bedtime.

Larger Version

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