Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Logo and a mess!

On the 6th of May 2010 the Great (hah!) British public went to polling stations for the first time in (large numbers) for a very long time.

I voted, and I was curious to see what happened, so I decided to cook dinner for a few friends and watch the anti-election broadcast on Channel 4. We had a great night, but by midnight they were flagging and I don't sleep like most poeple, so I was planning the long haul. When the Channel 4 show finished, it was time to turn over to the BBC.

I don't know how many of you have followed an election, so quick explanation, polling stations close at 10pm and then it is a race to get the votes counted and the results out. The results tend to trickle in between 11pm and 2am and then they flood in on mass, but nothing much happens apart from a lot of repetition in this 'Trickle Window', so I decided to do something productive. Cue a conversation with a friend a few days previous about his Wayne's World grunge project.

Drains are a weird band, they right all their songs about Wayne's World, yes the movie with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey (what happened to him?). There is a point somewhere....

I had it in my head that I wanted to do a logo with paints and brushes, not my usual medium, hence the challenge.

I did a few quick attempts...


I liked the ideas, but as opposed to being on a computer, where you can just nudge something this way or that way, I had to do it again.

So there were more attempts...


Again, I liked where it was going but I still wasn't sure...


And then I realised my living room was half full of versions of the logo, so I thought I would do a few more...


By this point it was about 3am and I couldn't have been more pleased that I was on my own, because this is the kind of mess that can annoy my girlfriend and confuse my cat! I piled the dry ones up and left a few out and went to bed (praying for a hung parliament and a possible coalition between Labour and the Lib Dems, how wrong did that go?).

25 ish versions later, I narrowed it to yes, no and maybe piles and started scanning and playing around on the computer, and then discarded a few more versions and finally settled on this.


A really enjoyable process, that I wouldn't mind trying again, I wonder if it will make it to a tshirt....

Gunrack? What am I supposed to do with a Gunrack?

Larger Versions
Drains Myspace

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