Saturday, 1 May 2010

Every now and then...

You get a client who truly blows your mind!

And today, that client is Juliet Echo. When I agree to take on the job of designing her artwork, I was given a title of the record, a list of songs, a few lose ideas of what they wanted on the cover and that it had to be a cd in a card sleeve.

Every idea I presented was greeted with open arms and a positive response, but above all else I was faced with a client who was happy to just let me run away with things and do pretty much whatever I felt was right for her and her record. Even this is an amazing thing in terms of being a designer, but this story has an even happier ending.

I always want a physical copy of whatever I have made, it just makes me happy and once the CD was all pressed, I was promised one in the mail. This morning when I came downstairs I found a mailer from the US on my doorstep, I was excited enough to be getting the CD, but this is what I found...


The CD, a thank you note and some origami birds. How nice is that? The answer, incredibly!

I have a massive smile on my face right now, and I probably will smile every time I see the record on my CD shelf.

So simply put, Juliet Echo, you are a wonderful lady.


You can buy it here
Juliet Echo

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