Tuesday, 29 June 2010


There is a fine line to walk between a homage, a parody and out and out theft. This shirt design was inspired by an afternoon following my girlfriend around various shops, a conversation about parody and knowing some friends far too well.

I give you...

This design came to life after wandering around shops seeing countless "Tapout" shirts in a few different shops, a conversation with a friend about how funny it would be to do a parody of it for my friends in Chains of Hate. I tried a few variations around the style that is generally used in "Tapout" shirts, grunge, heraldry, big text...

I wanted to get the heraldry as the focus of the shirt and use Chains of Hate to parody the Tapout logo, but I couldn't figure it out, I had a brain wave and their ever present UKHC was used instead. I really enjoyed making this!

Details time......

I'm going to be very upset if they don't get this printed on an A2 screen as it will look rubbish on an A3.

First post in ages...

Larger Versions
Chains of Hate

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