Tuesday, 29 June 2010


At the beginning of the year, I swore blind I was going to make a more concerted effort to try and do more projects for no reason/contests/just because, so it hasn't been going that well, but I have certainly tried a few things that haven't seen the light of day on here because they haven't been finished. Give me time, they will come.

I've mentioned Emptees in the past, there is a similar site called Bandjob, and there is currently a competition running to "Re-Design A Horrible Album", what a great idea, when I saw that it was Creed's "Human Clay", I thought to myself...screw sleeping I'm going to have a crack at this!

I hate Creed and I hate that album cover, its an embarrassment! So this was really exciting to even think about. Meet my offering...

It is a stock photo that I have treated pretty heavily to try and make it more interesting, my idea was to not get a million miles away from something that they could use, whilst being a thousand times better than the original. I'm going to list this as for sale, as I doubt I will win the contest and this might interest someone as a cover for their record, stranger things have happened, but I honestly have no idea what will go over well with the judges, we shall see...

Larger Version
Contest on Bandjob

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