Wednesday, 6 October 2010


EDIT: This wasn't rejected, I just got the wrong end of the stick!

Sad times, I did this and it was rejected, or atleast sort of, there was some misunderstanding about who was supposed to be doing this and I got carried away and did the dam thing without waiting for the ok from the big dude. So it's my fault this is going unused! However I love it! I really love it!

The idea was to create a deck of cards based on hardcore punk stereotypes, the suits being some of the obvious things:
1. Stars - loads of star tattoos in the world, and the revelation records logo is also a star.
2. Knuckle dusters - more stereotyping.
3. XXX - the standard symbol for the straight edge punk.
4. Wreath - go look at hardcore punk band logos, they are everywhere!

And for some reason, I decided the Ace of Spades with a Sick of it All Dragon (which I happen to have tattooed on me) in the midst acting as the joker!


I love this idea, and I think it might get recycled in some way or another. Not sure where yet, but it will!

Nearly bedtime...

Larger Version

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