Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Movie Poster!

This was a happy brief to receive! The client saw one of my previous pieces of work and got in touch with me, so this is a little success story! Anyway, the plot!

This is a poster for a short film, made by Suni Khan, about 2 soldiers who are caught in the repetition stage of war, and hence the title is "Nothing Happened" the challenge was creating a poster with stills from the film that was mainly for online usage (I still have an idea for a print one which was not part of the brief, but I will probably do anyway at some point, the logistics of it would make it awful for online use).

The real challenge of this job was taking landscae images and making them effective in a portrait context, harder than it sounds, believe me!

I can't post the film as it isn't online anymore as it is being subbed to various festivals for consideration, but the poster is fine!


There were a few ideas bouncing around between myself and the film maker, but this was the result we were both very happy with.

I will gladly update this when the film is available somewhere!

For now...

Largesr Version
Follow the film maker, Suni Khan, on Twitter!

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