Sunday, 9 November 2008

Bad day?

I've just done this, they liked the Kris Roe poster I did, and wanted me to make a myspace layout for them that looked similar. Not a particularly complicated brief, but still a brief none the less. In truth a rather complicated brief, how do you do something similar, but different at the same time? Well my answer was to use the same colour palette and just the idea a bit...
They gave me a logo that they wanted to use, and their name is bad day, so I started thinking about bad days, bad situations etc. I've just finished reading Dave Gorman's "America Unchained" (read the book, forget the documentary), and without going into too much detail he drives across America, trying to not pay any money to Big business chain stores, and one of his worst moments was running out of petrol, seeing an independent "gas" station and then arriving closer to see it was closed down. So a bad day? Chasing a dream and the lack of something making it impossible, thank you Dave Gorman!
Anyway, this is what it looks like...


This is the image as I made it, it was interesting as I layered the top banner on and made the background image alot bigger and then set it to repeat, you can't really see it there, but click on the link down (keep going...) and it'll make perfect sense. It was a good idea that meant the back ground wasn't completely static.

After a rough of the myspace layout they asked me to do banner, and this is it.


I was tempted to bring the TV image back in, but its only a small space, so would have been a nightmare or more to the point, a messy nightmare.

A good day!

Links make a chain...
Bad Day?
Dave Gorman - Look at it, the guy is a legend!

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