Monday, 17 November 2008

I've joined Emptees!

Heard of it? Yes? Good! No? Bad you! Well maybe not bad, you are still here aren't you! So maybe you should click on the inevitable links that will appear in due time...

Right back to the point, Emptees, t-shirt website where you can post and sell your t-shirt designs! Now I joined and the first thing I did was have a look through my external hard drive (only work that is on right now is on my computer) for old/long forgotten good ideas that probably deserved some airing/re-thinking/somewhere to be seen!

Well this is my first submission!


It is something I did in my second year in the development stages that just ended up being forgotten about, which is sad, because I think it's fun! Well anyways if you like it, you can contact me and BUY IT! Check that shit out! But seriously, you can! I can add some logo/branding and away we go!

Roll on a whole new set of challenges, I'm am so used to working in square frames, this is going to be rather interesting....

A smiling Michael!


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