Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Just about the biggest compliment...

I am fairly well tattooed as it happens, don't worry this is going somewhere, and the reason I get tattooed is to act as a positive reminder of great things from my life. Many of them are to do with my band and music experiences, but I have yet to get my own artwork done.

I have a band I played with's CD cover art on my arm, because I had an awesome weekend with them and we got to support Sick of it All, ok I have their cover art and a Sick of it All dragon...so I guess I can identify with what I have been getting at

I got sent this photo earlier.


And I must confess, my mind was blown! To get a message from a friend, who had my artwork tattooed on him, was a truly humbling gesture. Mike Borgia, I am with you for life now sucker!

With a thankful heart (for great friends), I bid you good night.

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