Sunday, 23 January 2011

Colouring stuff in....

AND not with crayons!

As I have mentioned (anyone who pays attention) my girlfriend is in a roller derby team, the team has 2 sub teams, The Merchants of Menance & The Bruise Birds, my other half is a Bird. (Great sentence)

There was some conversation, and someone sketched a logo, my girlfriend drew it up in Illustrator and she said she was going to colour it, but didn't get round to it, so I have spent an hour or two watching rubbish on BBC3 and colouring it.

Meet the outline:


Not bad, classic tattoo bird. So I did a stage one colour:


I wasn't sure if she wanted it shaded or not, I quite like it flat, but I thought I would shade it as well. Meet a shaded version:


Whilst shading it, I hit a few problems, I was torn between shading it in a light source style or a tattoo style. I went with a more tattoo style approach, as their were a few lines that didn't quite sit where I thought they should have been.

It was a strange experience to colour someone else's drawing, but not a bad one at all. In fact I rather enjoyed it!

Nearly time for bed...

Tiger Bay Brawlers
Larger Versions

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