Saturday, 8 January 2011

Christmas Present!

I haven't been able to post this as soon as I wanted, but it was a surprise for my girlfriend so I couldn't really post a picture of my girlfriend's surprise Christmas present in the public domain for all the world to see could I? Obviously not!

My girlfriend is in a roller derby team, and she had mentioned that she wanted to have trucker hats made for the team but they couldn't afford to get them made, so it just seemed logical didn't it! They are called the Tiger Bay Brawlers, and if you don't know Tiger Bay is a part of Cardiff that has been rebranded as Cardiff Bay, long and the long and the short of it is, its Cardiff dock area and was know as Tiger Bay for a long old time, oh, many moons ago, so I made something that looked old and shippy!



On the hat:


What the hell do I tag this as?

More posts a coming...

Tiger Bay Brawlers
Larger Version

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