Sunday, 19 September 2010

Digital artwork and shirt!

I was lucky enough some years ago to play a few shows with a fine gent from New York called Mike Borgia, and his new mini album/EP was recorded and ready to go, artwork was needed! This was a new experience for me as the focus was artwork for digital download more so than physical format, don't worry there will be a physical, just not yet.

The title was the simply amazing "Live or Die, you won't be Lonely", I was totally behind this project and I had the idea straight away that this reminded me of the sort of monogram you see on a family crest, so that was the inspiration for the artwork.

So cut the crap and post the artwork...


The interesting plan is that the band name is going to be on the back of the physical product, and not on the front, interest but an idea I love.

The best part of this job was the idea that the coat of arms should go on a shirt. Also an idea I liked! So here it is!


Mock up!


Mike Borgia's Website
Largesr Version

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