Thursday, 29 April 2010

Something for my band...

After nearly a year of trying to get our shit together, my band have finally got into the recording studio! It was an exciting weekend spent with good friends, doing something we love.

As much as times are changing for social networking, facebook has over taken myspace, twitter is getting more popular...blah blah of the best places for a band to present their music, photos, calendar, still myspace. So I was charged with making a myspace and a logo for us.

This is what I did.






I really like the logo, end of.

One thing I really like about the myspace is the photo that is being used as the profile image, as I may have mentioned in the past my MA dissertation was on documentary photography and the honesty of the genre (that's a potentially long and boring story), the point being I took the photo on my point and click camera about 5 minutes before we were about to play probably my favourite gig we have played so far. It makes me smile seeing it in there.

Looking forward to doing the artwork, which has to be a re-adaption of this. I'll post a larger version of the logo then.

Oh yeah, the myspace is optimized for firefox, safari, chrome, opera...and everything but internet explorer. So if you are still using internet explorer, get a clue!

Few more posts then bed.

The Modern Farewell Myspace

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