Thursday, 29 April 2010

A new subsection!

I did media studies in college, which involved, well for starters very little graphic design, a lot of video work. Filming and editing (both video and sound pieces) were a main part of it and I have been following the growing trend of music/promo videos being shot on Digital SLR's.

Not heard about it? Google Canon 7D, check the specs, you can shoot full 1080p HD on a DSLR, it's mind blowing! Get on youtube, search Canon 5d test, and you will see some outstanding footage tests.

The point, I used to do a lot of video editing and I always found it strangely calming, so I decided to try and join the cult of film making on DSLR's. I'm hamming it up a little here, I don't have the greatest camera, but as the video I was shooting was only for the web, so the concerns about HD were washed away pretty quick (however there is an adventure into this to follow).

I was happy that the exposure plate on my bridge camera would be more than adequate a youtube vid, so combine so old skills with some new ones and I got to this...

I had always planned to shoot this on DV or some form of video, I think it is safe to say, I may never go back to video ever again.

Fingers cross for the start of something new!

End Of The Line Tattoo Studio
Music supplied by Samoans

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