Monday, 12 April 2010

Shirt and logo...

I've recently finished a myspace for an illustrator, and he is in a few bands and we were talking about his new band 'A Thousand Arrows', conversation meandered towards logos and design. There is a graphic designer (on guitar) and he is an illustrator of great skill himself, but I had an idea about the logo, so decided to just do it. Sometimes you just have to go with things.

I did a concept sketch...


Which on reflection I quite liked, but thought there was room for improvement, I couldn't quite get the dimensions right without a ruler and by the time I got to a ruler I was right by my computer! So I thought I would just get one the macbook.

The logo ended up looking like this:


I tried to keep the lines on the 'A's to follow through into the point of the 'T', but it just didn't look right, so I extended it a little, because, well it looked better.

I have a strange tendency to get carried away with what I am doing sometimes, so I carried on working on things, adding details, changing details...


...and it ended up being far to much for a logo and started to look more of a shirt design. So I mocked it up.


I think it looks pretty good. I liked it enough that I posted it over at emptees as well.


This has been an evenings work, that I honestly don't know will be picked up or not, but I enjoyed doing it regardless, hopefully they will print the shirt, even if the they don't use the logo.

Larger Versions
A Thousand Arrows Myspace
Design on Emptees

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