Sunday, 20 September 2009

Poster with less possibilities...

I posted a few poster designs the other day, with no idea which one the client was going to choose, I found out what there decision was and to be totally honest it effected the design of the second poster I have done for them in a massive way!

First time I was uncertain which poster style would be preferred, so did 2, this time knowing I tried my best to throw myself into nailing down the style as they wanted it last time.

Here we go...

Nice to come back and do it again with a clearer vision. I was happy knowing that the output was black and white as it meant I had alot of fun thinking in halftones and different shades of grey!

I will say, always ALWAYS save your work often and at different stages so you don't have to spend an hour rebuilding what you have lost. Yes I am an idiot sometimes!

Sweet times.

Larger Version
Toucan Club
Flip Your Wig/Canton Space Project

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