Saturday, 28 June 2008

Poster Design...

Well there is a gig a coming! I've just finished the poster!

I will openly admit that I have been looking at a lot of Scott Hansen's work as well as the gent who designed my band's album cover, Ben Griffiths.  There is no denying it this is where the inspiration for this poster came from!!!

I wanted to get mostly detail into it, but have some drama around the detail, so the focus remains on the info, but it wasn't so dull.

A big thing for me, is the fact that you have no idea what medium your work is going to be used in. So I constantly try to think about a different appropriation a piece some it can work across more than one format. It's all well and good a design looking great on screen or when someone can afford full colour super high quality printing, but that is so rarely the case! So I've done one in colour, with a bit more detail should it get to the printers/can be used on the web and one with most of the detail, but a few tiny changes so it could run through a photocopier and still look half decent.

Colour version in all it's sparkly glory!


Black and White version in it's photocopyable glory!!


Much love

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