Sunday, 29 June 2008

Myspace layout and Corporate ID

As I just posted the poster design I did for Engineering Consent, it seems a little random to not include the myspace layout and corporate ID I did for them! I was given a ball park idea, he said he like political style posters, I was given an example from the fine selection of work(the graphic design, lets not get all political here) done by some of the Communists.

We'll start with the corporate ID as it's been a while since I made one!

First a full sheet...


Now a closer look at the front of the business card...


and the back, I did try to add continuity to the front and back.


Compliments slip...




Myspace layout!!

I've included the little gif, just so you can see how I it works!


This was alot of fun to do, as it involved some random elements, but I was pleased with the result!

Much love

P.S. Definetly an example of spilt personalities working in harmony!

Larger Versions
Engineering Consent

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