Thursday, 10 March 2011

Roller Derby again!

Second thing I have done for my girlfriend's Roller Derby team! This time, rather than just colouring something in (seriously) I had to design something! Who would have thunk it?

This branch of the Tiger Bay Brawlers is called the "MERCHANTS OF MENACE" (caps used for drama).

I had to design this with heat pressing in mind, to there isn't any crazy texture details or anything like that, big and bold.

It needed to include:
A Venetian mask, check.
Their name, check.
Some reference to the Tiger Bay Brawlers, check.
And if possible some sort of skating reference, check. Thats what the 96A, 62MM bit is about, wheel dimension, hence the circle!


Ain't I clever! Shucks, Jon Boy!

End stereotyping.

Larger Version

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