Saturday, 19 March 2011

The beginning stages...

I love it when clients come back to you! I really do. It means I must have done something right last time. So welcome to working with a great film maker called Suni Khan again! Woo!

This time Suni sent me an email and asked if I could make a title card for his new film "Goodbye Ivy", I was suitably excited.

I must confess at this point, I got a little carried away...I had what I thought was a great idea, I'll admit it was something I wanted try doing and as always I got carried away. Just so you know, this is the result of me getting carried away...


(worth looking at the larger version, link later, to see some of the detail), again I have to admit, this is my blog so I can say this. I like this, but after getting a few more emails from Suni about the plot and feel of the film, even I knew I was off the mark with this. Once again, it's my blog, I like this, I know it doesn't work for the plot and feel of the film, but I still think its a nice piece of type.

Right back on plot folks!

After a few more emails, where we talked about what the film was about, a few reference ideas and some general laughs about 4am emails (have a look at some of my instant album art) I had a great idea of what Suni wanted, and a few interesting ideas of my own!

There are several versions of this, but together we got to an end result that we both really like!


As always I like to go the extra mile for clients and decided to include this little taster poster for the future of the project.


The film is still in pre-production stages, but I am rather excited as I am going to be working on the credits for the film as well! This is going to be an awesome project!

Bring it on!

Suni's Website
Larger Versions

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