Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I am on a message board called Design Forums all the time, it is by far and away one of my favourite corners of the internet! Everyone on there is friendly and supportive, no matter what your skill level as a designer there are friendly people to offer advice and point you in directions should you need it.

Don't worry they have a fun cast of characters too, friendly mods, crazy teenagers, someone who is obsessed with emoticon, a grumpy old man and well, me...

But they are having a competiton to win the Wolverine Origins file. Having seen this in Borders and thought I want that! I decided to enter. The contest was set with the brief of Designing a poster for the (hypothetical) upcoming Quentin Tarantino re-make of "Badlands".

Now, I have been wanting to try and do something a bit like Frank Miller/Sin City style for ages, and this seemed like as good an opportunity as any. I have kinda based it on the original poster (i'll included an IMDB link to the film at the end) and kinda spun it a little.

I enjoyed making this.


It's late...

Larger Version
Badlans on IMDB
DF Comp

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