Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Gig poster...

One of the best studios in South Wales is having a birthday party! And surprisingly enough I'm doing the poster, haven't finished it yet, but I'm not sure as to whether I am happy with the text yet.

I don't know whether or not its finished, but I have done 5 different drafts of this, changed the details, started again once or twice and now I like it. This was a really odd bit of design as the gig is a real mish-mash of bands, electro-indie-pop, post harcore/emo, rap (nu) metal and straight up hardcore!!! So visual had to be fairly non-descript.



and the other version of the text...



I think the first set is better, but I still think I could change the text to something completely different!

After a late night internet chat client said he liked the second one, so second one it is!!

Yes Yes

Larger Versions
Skwad HQ

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