Monday, 2 November 2009

I wish my TV was working...

Well I do! But that is completely irrelevant to design work, photography, music ramblings or anything important for that matter. So back to the plot....

Another poster for Canton Space Project. I liked the format of the last one so much I decided to use it again, I like the other layout, but its nice to mix it up.

So random things that I did in this that I rather enjoyed, using alot of halftones again, but this time using the line form rather that spots, I doubt you will be able to see it unless you zoom in on the larger version, but it made me happy.


I am going to have to get them to do a run in colour, just to make me happy! I think I might do the next one in colour and then do a black and white version aswell. We shall see.

Few more things to post before bed...

Larger Version
Toucan Club
Flip Your Wig/Canton Space Project

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