Friday, 18 February 2011

Something for a competition.

I am a bit of a message board lover, I love the inspiration, I love the dramas...with one I love dying soon (Emptees), there seems to be a movement to another, and the other is Bandjob. Great place, they love competitions as well, this particular one was for Glamour Kills.

The challenge was to take their logo and just go wild. So I started thinking, their logo is a flying pig, and the expression is "when pigs fly" and one pig isn't a plural, so I thought about a flock of pigs and went from their!


So I have decided that this is a flock of pigs trying to hide using a smoke machine. I added a bit of text and I like that, I wish I could fit it in clearer, maybe I should post that separately....

Yeah, I like this!

Larger Version
Contest on Bandjob

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