Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Some webby stuff!

Recently I had to do a task for an interview, didn't get the job (bummer), but still had a chance to flex my more corporate web design muscles which haven't been used in a while! It has also lead to a nice idea which should (fingers crossed) be rather tasty!

Anyway, the layout(s)! I got asked to re-design their current site, this was my offering:


Yes I have rather lazily removed their logo from it, but I would rather not make this a potential slander campaign! They didn't hire me, no biggy, move on!

I wasn't sure as to what I had done was quite right, so I ended up doing 2 more layouts, no major difference from the layout I had done, just little visual tweaks that gave them options, as I thought that was a good thing.

Take 2:


and take 3:


Which is actually my personal favourite of the bunch, for a stupid reason that I won't share, as it will stop me smiling!

Not much more to say on this, as it got me nowhere!

Larger Version

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