Thursday, 25 September 2008

It's all about me!!

Sometimes the most important person is yourself, and I think I had forgotten that, whilst it's not the most important method of getting the word out and social networking anymore, but still an important one, I thought I would give my myspace a spring clean and a fresh new look!

I've been working on a myspace for a label about to re-launch, and learnt lots about coding and rather than just stitching shit together and hoping, I actually learnt what I was doing! So here it comes! The re-jigged re-styled Michael Partridge's myspace!!


I'll probably make a new gif thing later, they look good!

I am rather happy with the top banner and the new logo's that I did, new font's etc...



As always click on the lick and it'll look loads better!

Larger Versions

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